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Marc Levin

Development Consultant

Marc Levin directs The Sentencing Project’s fundraising efforts. He has 15 years of experience directing the development programs of non-profit human rights and international health organizations, including the Guttmacher Institute, Free the Slaves and Global Rights. His breadth of experience includes raising funds from private foundations and individuals, as well as from U.S. and European governments and multilateral organizations, including the United Nations, WHO and World Bank.

Marc has a Master’s Degree in social work from the City University of New York and worked in the mental health field for 25 years as a clinician, adjunct and assistant professor of social work at New York, Rutgers, and Fordham Universities, and consultant to medical facilities, schools and social service agencies on how to promote the mental health of children. Marc has long been active as a volunteer in the struggle for prisoner’s rights with groups such as the ACLU and National Association of Social Workers, and co-established the first county jail mental health program in New Jersey.

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