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January 2006 (The Sentencing Project)

Race to Incarcerate

Second edition of the seminal book on race, class, and the criminal justice system examines three decades of prison expansion in America. Described by Jonathan Kozol as “a tremendously disturbing and important book.”  215 pages

Praise for Race to Incarcerate:

An important book. The numbers tell a shocking story.

Insightful. . . . Sheds new light on the relationship between drug use, sales, arrests, and race.

Race to Incarcerate explains why prisoners have become commodities and why present policies are draining black communities of their young men.

In this revised edition of his seminal book on race, class, and the criminal justice system, Marc Mauer, executive director of The Sentencing Project, offers the most up-to-date look available at three decades of prison expansion in America.

Including newly written material on recent developments under the Bush Administration and updated statistics, graphs, and charts throughout, the book tells the tragic story of runaway growth in the number of prisons and jails and the overreliance on imprisonment to stem problems of economic and social development. Called “sober and nuanced” by Publishers Weekly, Race to Incarcerate documents the enormous financial and human toll of the “get tough” movement, and argues for more humane—and productive—alternatives.



The paperback edition is available for $15.95 from The Sentencing Project. To order, call (202) 628-0871.


Author: Marc Mauer
Issue Area(s): Incarceration, Racial Disparity